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Focus on the essentials &
make your center future-proof

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Build your own platform with the features you really need & connect with almost any app or device. This way you save essential time you can spend with your tenants.

Run the most efficient
coworking space

ZapFloor has everything you need to efficiently manage your workfloors so you can focus on what really matters.


Powerful Insights

Get more out of your data and optimise your space.



Integrate your favourite apps & devices.


White label

Your brand, your style.


No more hassle

Focus on what’s important: your community, your people.

We optimized these coworking spaces:

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powerful dashboards

Powerful Insights

Find all the data you need from different sources on one amazing dashboard.

ZapFloorHQ really took my office management to the next level. On every moment of the day, I know what is happening in my center.  Yonca Braeckman - Watt Factory

Automatic Billing

All your monthly invoices are generated automatically. ZapFloorHQ creates, sends and tracks all your invoices, credit notes and much more.

ZapFloorHQ really simplifies our billing process and allows us to easily generate all our monthly invoices and track the payments.  Graciëlla Potti, Office manager at Antwerp South Business Center
invoice management
community manager

Interact with your tenants

Build connections and engage with your tenants. Easily create events and manage your community all in one place…

As a tenant I immediately felt a difference when my operator started using ZapFloorHQ. I can immediately see when events are happening and the coworkers that are joining!  Chris De Rouck - IDRONECT

Manage your meeting rooms

Streamline and automate your meeting room process with endless possibilities.

It's so easy to use! No more frustrations with other tenants for using & booking the meeting rooms.  Vincent Janssen - MAKEOUT
meetingroom manager

We integrate all your favourite tools

We can integrate with all the essentials apps and devices you need to make your center smarter and ready for the future of IOT.

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